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Welcome to Zena Swiss Shop, an official online distributor of Zena Swiss AG products!

Since 1947 Switzerland's company Zena Swiss AG has become well known in the kitchen utensils market for the invention of the original Rex peeler (Int. Model 11002). With its transverse blades and practical design, the original Rex hardly changed over all these decades. This universally applicable classical kitchen gadget even became the trendsetter for all "Y" shape peelers and stayed one of the most popular of fruit and vegetable peelers. Through all these years, Zena Swiss has won numerous awards and continues to develop innovative, high-quality peelers, graters, and slicers, all of which still manufactured in Switzerland!


Vegetable peelers for everything

All Zena Swiss products are developed and produced with the same meticulousness and attention to detail as one we could expect from an original Swiss product (PDF). The Zena Swiss nothing is left to chance: neither product design or practical application, nor its high durability. 

Zena Swiss does not make one product that cannot be used by left-handers. Moreover, a peeler is suitable for more applications than just peeling, and the customers are pleased that their favorite kitchen tool has been left unchanged and continues to be available in stores after so many years. All Zena Swiss peelers are not only excellent for peeling potatoes, apples, or other vegetables. They can also be used to grate hard cheese, chocolate, nuts. More about our products you'll find here.

Just like many other famous Swiss products, Zena Swiss displays those outstanding features, which made the term "Swiss made" into what it is known for today: 

  • imaginative innovation, 
  • precision manufacturing, 
  • meticulous attention to detail, 
  • timeless design and longevity. 

Interesting facts

In 2004, the SWISS POST dedicated a stamp to the legendary Rex peeler! As part of Switzerland's history, the peeler stamp has earned a place in the Hall of Postal Fame.
Rex peeler Swiss Post
In 2010, the legendary Rex peeler appeared in the Swiss iconic design book "Swiss Design" by Dorian Lucas. In this book, you'll also find many other exciting Swiss products as a Swiss army knife by Victorinox or the triangular Toblerone chocolate. The book 'Swiss Design' is available here


Zena Swiss has stayed true to its principles for more than 60 years – one reason why Zena Swiss products are found in almost every kitchen of the world, whether in the gastronomy industry or at home. View our product line here.