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Final Sale

We're closing down shop! Thank you immensely for your trust in Zena Swiss Shop products! We value and appreciate you all! In the meantime, all our remaining items are on sale now for ridiculous prices.. catch'em while it is available!

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Zena Swiss is renowned worldwide for the invention of the legendary Rex peeler over 70 years ago. It has won numerous design awards and continues to develop innovative, high-quality peelers, graters, and slicers, all still made in Switzerland!

Super Fine Shred - Right Where You Need it!

Two-Way Cutting Efficiency

Magic is an updated classic peeling knife. A double-edged swivel blade creates two-way cutting efficiency and easily adapts to any form of peeling goods. Learn more.

Rapid is Original Rex With a New Finish

The ergonomic shape and blade quality are identical to the Original Rex and Star peelers. The handle is made of sturdy ABS plastic and is available in many cheerful colors. Learn more.

Swiss Made For Decades

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